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Telpress QuickNews
Desktop edition

Serving thin clients and multi-platform envirnments, this powerful real-time news terminal is availeable for Linux, Apple and Windows users. It integrates in the desktop and monitors news flows for you alerting whenever a relevant news it's beeing published. It deploys in a few clicks and installs automaticaly. Read more about it...
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Telpress TOSCA Viewer 6

Stand alone real-time news terminal for redactional systems and press offices. This news terminal isn't just a handy tool, for a journalist and a press officer it represents most of its daily activity, integrates seamingless in their desktop or notebook and it simply does the job just fine. Used by thousands of journalists around the world, Telpress TOSCA Viewer is your best work companion, after a pen and a notebook. Here for more...
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Telpress TOSCA

One of the most polular real-time news processing platforms in the world.
TOSCA, the Telpress Open Structure Communication Architecture, is the powerfule engine behind many Telpress products empowering media organizations with a professional self contained platfowm and work-flow for receiving, archiving, distributing news.
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