Telpress TOSCA Viewer 6 it's your professional news terminal. All your news content in a dedicated platform.

 Telpress TOSCA Viewer 6

Complete and powerful real-time news terminal for redactional systems and press offices. This news terminal is what professional journalists and a press officers use in order to carry on most of the daily news-monitoring activities. It integrates seeminglessly in a Windows environment either desktop or notebook and it simply does the job. Used by thousands of journalists around the world, Telpress TOSCA Viewer is the journalists best work companion after a pen and a notebook.

The news monitoring activity today consists in screening thousand of news items delivered in many different formats and often it becomes a struggle to organize the feeds efficiently and with a robust application, this is what TOSCA Viewer is designed to do. Despite the availability of many web based news terminals, which we proudly develop and distribute, TOSCA Viewer still represents the most complete, powerful and versatile news-terminal available today. It supports every type of newsfeeds, including multimedia feeds with video's, photographs and infographics and can be deployed in existing editorial systems.

The versatility of Telpress TOSCA Viewer allows news editorial organization to empower their newsroom but also to re-distribute it to their subscribers. It's available for 64 and 32 bit Windows based Operating Systems and can be deployed on large networks and newsrooms in simple steps thanks to its centralized accounting system which pushed the end user configuration at the first connection.

TOSCA Viewer gives you all necessary power tools to consult multiple and multimedia newswires with minimal effort in a efficient a self organizing environment. It is fully customizable, permitting to personalize the screen in the most suitable layout depending on taste and necessities.

TOSCA Viewer is used by news organizations worldwide as well as many private companies and local governments.

Product features:

Multi-window news browser

Advanced keyword profile
Integrated Web browser
Supports Text,Photo,Audio/Video, HTML5/4 and more
Compatible with Microsoft Windows 7,2008, Vista, XP, and prev.
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Telpress TOSCA

One of the most popular real-time news processing platforms in the world.
TOSCA, the Telpress Open Structure Communication Architecture, is the powerful engine behind many Telpress products empowering media organizations with a professional self contained platform and work-flow for receiving, archiving, distributing news.