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Extract more value from your video and audio material at the greatest ease and in real time with your personalized and simplified online user interface.

 Telpress VideoTag

The platform consists of a structure that allows to upload video and audio files with custom made settings and to share the material with a predetermined network. Operators are then able to annotate, tag, and index audiovisual content locally or remotely whether the stream is live or not. The interface of annotation and search is developed in a web environment to have the possibility of being accessible through the use of any computer or tablet or even mobile phone, assuming it is a device of new generation and without any need of software installation.


Telpress VideoTag allows you to index your video and audio files. For this purpose Telpress designed a unique annotation interface with features that significantly facilitate the work of transcription. In addition to annotation or transcription, the interface also allows to tag with a predetermined content a specific moment of the video. By indexing Telpress VideoTag enables to quickly extract valuable data and information, and to perform a fast analysis of one or more videos at the same time.

Annotate and Tag

The operation of audio-visual annotation consists in the transcription of the verbal and visual content in the video in order to make the text of the specific movie searchable. Furthermore Telpress VideoTag allows to clip the specific annotated interval and to extract the movie or audio clip in a fully automatic way. Also, speech to text technology can be easily integrated within the system.
The tag consists of a time stamp made of a standard label associated to a simple button easy to press by the operator. Tagging is especially handy when following a live event since it allows the operator to go back in a second phase of analysis to the tagged moment and further annotate it if necessary. This feature saves valuable time and resources.

After the annotation phase

The textual contents of annotation, related to audio-visual products are collected in a central database located on this platform. Once the annotation phase of these contents is completed they are automatically indexed on the base of the registration files which from now on will be part of reference in order to quickly search for video contents and extract short clips in an easy and practical way. The end product can then be exported to your own personal file or editorial system (pdf, doc, etc) Telpress VideoTag is a useful tool in building a management system of a bookmarked and searchable database of all your new and old video and audio material.

Product features:

Local or remote
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