We can help you host your critical systems in our state of the art datacenters with top score availability throughout Europe.

 Telpress Advanced Datacenter Solutions

We offer fully managed system hosting in standard or virtualized servers.

Our Datacenters are ready to accommodate your own servers or pre-built servers ready on the fly and provide you with a full 1GigaBit connectivity toward Internet.

The fully managed hosting solution consists of unconditional system service and connectivity, without compromises. It's like having a highly specialized IT department and infrastructure without the associated costs usually connected with a fixed investment.

We designed this service with the goal of providing peace of mind to our customers, also from a financial perspective.


The scalability of your systems is one of our first priorities: we realize that simply running a system on Internet may not be good enough. In our Datacenters your are empowered with all the necessary tools, infrastructures and expertise in order to dynamically expand the infrastructure as your online business grows and requires. Scalability of systems also offers financial advantages reducing the impact of upfront expenses and allowing you to control your costs in a sustainable growth based on business demand.


Data backups are necessary but not enough, especially not for systems with required high availability. Telpress has a vast experience in running non-stop IT infrastructures, our customers not only require fully maintained servers but reliable infrastructures available at all times. We take system redundancy very seriously and we're able to offer repeated infrastructures in different locations with one goal in mind: have your system running at all times.

Product features:

State of the art datacenter
No downtime since nearly 4 years
Upto 10 Gbit/s internet channels
24/7 access and remote access
 Other services

Smart Managed Services

With over 30 years of IT service for the media industry, Telpress has grown into an operation capable of providing unconditional 24h support on IT system infrastructures, especially those requiring high availability and large traffic. Our specialized system engineers can fully support servers either on Microsoft Windows or Linux of any flavour.