Secure, Fast, but most of all a Reliable platform for distributing real time content across the globe.

 NewsCovery distribution platform

Safe, reliable and real-time news items delivery

NewsCovery is a content entitlement platform specifically designed to distribute real-time news items toward media subscribers such as televisions, newspapers and press agencies. When it comes to distributing content to media a few things should be well taken care of:

Standards: news items have ultimately to reach a media subscriber's editorial system in a homogeneous format adherent to the most common recommended standards.

Effectiveness: delivery should be not only timely and accurate, but the status of the delivery should be monitored in order to either be able to guarantee the delivery or be able to eventually monitor bottle necks and delivery faults.

Redundancy: thinking of a Plan-B it's not just a caution, it's a necessity. A redundancy plan should be part of your distribution system to the point that a distribution system without a good redundancy strategy can risk to endanger the whole organization (should the Plan-B become necessary).

Minimal client footprint: Servers can be as big and complex as needed but whatever a system runs at a client side it should be kept of minimal footprint, minimal impact and, clearly, simple. Giving concessions, some news organization feel even more comfortable with using no client at all and rely on subscribers pulling methods.

Pro-active monitoring: there are three way to monitor a remote delivery:

Method 1, the subscribers calls you because he's not receiving your news for long time (believe it or not, this is the most practiced method). Not very modern and not in line with the current necessities.

Method 2, the distribution system has an unmanned monitoring method and alerts you when there is a problem so you may route to Plan-B.

Method 3, the system sends a warning so that a system manager can intervene, but at the same time attempts to solve the problem by switching temporarily to a redundancy

Product features:

Reliable, stable News distribution platform
Runs on every flavor of Microsoft Windows
Easy deployment on remote locations
Uses Telpress TOSCA as foundation
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