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Complete multimedia news editor with integrated workflow.

Telpress Scribo is the building block of a dynamic and flexible newsroom.

 Telpress Scribo

Stand-alone, powerful multimedia news editor with integrated workflow.

Newsfloors today are changing rapidly and must count on editorial tools that are flexible enough to generate homogeneous news products on different platforms and media. This is where Telpress Scribo excels with its ability to turn a single desk into a multimedia news station by integrating natively an advanced text and photo editor in a single environment and by allowing journalists to publish on different platforms in full compliance with the current standards.

The size of your newsroom doesn't matter, Telpress Scribo helps you to make it efficient.

We understand that journalists and media organizations need simple tools, robust and preferably straightforward to install and maintain. With this principles in mind we have asked a team of professional journalists to help us develop Telpress Scribo. The result is a software architecture conceived since the beginning to empower a news-desk with a single application able to run either stand alone or in a work group and providing added value to the typical routine jobs and editorial tasks.

The deployment of Telpress Scribo on multiple desktops is as simple as running the software itself, the local per-user configuration is saved in profiles and a single station can be accessed by more journalists all maintaining their roles within the editorial workflow and their preferences.

Product features:

Integrated and flexible work-flow
One news station for multiple journalists
Integrated photo editor
Facilitated and assisted field input
Direct integration with TOSCA Viewer
Network-wide automated deployment
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Telpress TOSCA

One of the most popular real-time news processing platforms in the world.
TOSCA, the Telpress Open Structure Communication Architecture, is the powerful engine behind many Telpress products empowering media organizations with a professional self contained platform and work-flow for receiving, archiving, distributing news.

Telpress NewsReader
Real-time news terminal for professionals

How about reading 30.000 news a day, sorting them out and doing it with just a web browser? NewsReader is a news terminal capable to handle real-time news feeds from all over the world and supports every multimedia format known to the media industry. It's a one-stop-shop for news agencies and large press offices.

Telpress TOSCA Viewer 6

Stand alone real-time news terminal for redactional systems and press offices. This news terminal isn't just a handy tool, for a journalist and a press officer it represents most of its daily activity, integrates seamingless in their desktop or notebook and it simply does the job just fine. Used by thousands of journalists around the world, Telpress TOSCA Viewer is your best work companion, after a pen and a notebook. Here for more...