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Telpress QuickNews
Desktop edition

Serving thin clients and multi-platform envirnments, this powerful real-time news terminal is availeable for Linux, Apple and Windows users. It integrates in the desktop and monitors news flows for you alerting whenever a relevant news it's beeing published. It deploys in a few clicks and installs automaticaly. Read more about it...
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Telpress NewsReader
Real-time news terminal for professionals

How about reading 30.000 news a day, sorting them out and doing it with a web browser? NewsReader is a platform and ultimately a news terminal capable to handle real-time news feeds from all over the world. It's fully developed using in a lean AJAX environment. Telpress NewsReader it's a one-stop-shop for news agencies with its ability to handle thousand of users and thousand of news stories including all availeable multimedia news products.
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Telpress NewsSlider

One terminal for 1.000 screens.
NewsSlider is a powerful news terminal especially designed for tablets and all-screen mobile phones. It's light, fast, very responsive and very, very smart. Discover more...
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