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Write your news articles, press releases or any form of document at the greatest ease and with integrated search. It's online, thus available wherever you have an Internet connection.

 Telpress 5Wpad

Step into the cloud of story writing with this on-line, simple, fast and reliable editor. How can an editor help you write better stories? Read further and discover why 5Wpad is so innovative and why it should have existed long ago. 5Wpad is ultimately about journalism, about writing and research. It's about Who, When, What, Where, Why

5Wpad represents radical technical changes including the assisted editorial functions and the client-less design, in line with the needs for flexibility so much required by modern editorial solutions. Among others, the tools available are:

1) Search as you type panel. Whilst composing your story, simultaneously multiple searches on the web and in your own archive are performed. Cross check your references on the spot and use the material to build your content.

2) Integration of live external news content by means of Telpress NewsSlider. Optional feature to distribute your content in news.

3) Scrapbook area, for notes and annotated web-bookmarks. Organising your story before and after it gets published. Multifunctional area.

4) Personal Archive
You no longer need to carry around your research. Store your documents and research in a safe cloud environment.

Technical implementation

5Wpad relies in the availability and promptness of the server. Although compatible with Windows, the server side infrastructure best runs on Linux (namely, Slackware Linux, from version 10.0 onward). As many web based infrastructures, 5Wpad requires a MySQL database (also in its community/free edition), Apache and PHP.

Product features:

Ultra lightweight online text editor
Helps you locate relevant information as you type
Requires no form of installation
The infrastructure is designed to be highly scalable and therefore expandable on multiple hardware if the circumstances or the workload requires
A backup helps recovering data in case of loss
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news work-flow made easy

Stand-alone, powerful multimedia news editor with an integrated work-flow. Easy to deploy and straightforward to use, Telpress Scribo supports the journalists in their daily editing activities. It's been designed to empower a team of users to work together implementing natively an efficient work-flow mechanism. It doesn't really matter the size of your newsroom, this editor will simply make it efficient. Read further...

Telpress NewsReader
Real-time news terminal for professionals

How about reading 30.000 news a day, sorting them out and doing it with just a web browser? NewsReader is a news terminal capable to handle real-time news feeds from all over the world and supports every multimedia format known to the media industry. It's a one-stop-shop for news agencies and large press offices.

Telpress NewsSlider

One terminal for 1.000 screens.
NewsSlider is a powerful news terminal especially designed for tablets and all-screen mobile phones. It's light, fast, very responsive and very, very smart.
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