Telpress QuickNews travels with you. On your mobile phone. If you need to stay in touch with the events, don't leave the news behind anymore: you can have them with you always and access them just as effectively as you do from your desktop.

 Telpress QuickNews Mobile Edition

Telpress QuickNews Mobile edition gives ultimate freedom to your news monitoring tasks. It performs on all JAVA(TM)enabled PDA's and mobile phones, including Nokia, Motorola, RIM (BlackBerry), Sony Ericsson, QTek, Panasonic, HP and others, enabled with MIDP2 extension.

It minimizes data traffic (and expenses) to the very minimum thanks to a Telpress proprietary connection-algorithm that prevents unnecessary GPRS traffic.

On some mobile phones, those running Symbian operating system for example or Microsoft Windows Mobile 2005 or BlackBerry's, Telpress QuickNews Mobile edition can run in background while you are on a phone call or you use other applications available on the phone. It alerts you as soon as news arrive by providing you an audible alarm.

You can track events by keywords, you can copy the news items on the standard phone's clipboard (and archive it locally) or you can send the news straight via SMS to another mobile phone. It supports pictures and graphics and permits searches with Boolean operators. It delivers news fast, in real-time, the very second a news hits the wire. It's literally being presented in the palm of your hand.

- Real-Time access to live news feeds
- News alerting functions
- Advanced personal keyword management
- Boolean searches
- Export news to clipboard
- Send news to others via SMS
- Compatible with most mobile phones
- Support for graphics
- Multi platform runs on Mobile Phones and PDA using JAVA(TM) MIDP2

Product features:

News in your pocket
Alerting features
Extensive profile
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